Michael Ganda

Sr. Director Commercial Restoration Strategic Marketing

Michael Ganda has over 22 years of marketing experience with a concentration on marketing strategy and differentiation. Michael has worked with clients across the globe and across industries. From the first commodities dealer in China and the oldest US cotton company to startup concepts and non-profit organizations, Michael has always excelled in helping companies separate themselves in the market. With nearly eight years of restoration industry experience, Michael understands the complex nature of commercial restoration projects and what it takes to drive qualified opportunities. With a strong focus on creating valuable content to help clients, Michael was vital in developing several service guides and articles to help commercial property professionals through various times of turmoil from hurricane preparation to the COVID-19 Pandemic.


Michael is instrumental to the success of the SRM client activation process and has implemented several systems to help make it easy for clients to report losses and engage the SRM program effectively. Some of these include client-specific websites and engagement campaigns to redundant loss reporting and property manager email communications. Michael is constantly looking for ways to improve the client activation experience in order to help clients achieve their goals regarding loss requests, tracking, reporting and overall property restoration management. 

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