ServiceMaster Recovery Management also offers fire damage restoration and repair for offices, educational institutions, government facilities, healthcare facilities, hospitality facilities, manufacturing plants, apartment communities, places of worship, and retail spaces.

Even after a fire has been extinguished, soot and smoke damage continues. Smoke damage in your commercial building can be as stressful as the fire itself. As an SRM business, we offer complete restoration services, including smoke damage restoration and odor removal for large and small scale disasters across the country.

Many of the things in your office may be made of synthetic materials, from furniture to flooring. Consequently, within just a few days of the fire damage, many of the synthetic items that could have been recovered become unsalvageable. Loss from damage can be combated by the immediate response of ServiceMaster Recovery Management.

Lingering smoke odors are another unwanted aspect of fire damage. Smoke permeates your walls, surfaces, and air ducts which negatively impacts your air quality. Proper smoke damage restoration and odor removal is necessary to keep your environment clean and healthy for you and your employees.

The experts at ServiceMaster Recovery Management respond immediately and effectively to begin the smoke damage and odor removal process. Our proven smoke removal and recovery process includes emergency pre-cleaning, content cleaning and content pack-out services, structural cleaning, and deodorization. SRM technicians can even clean soot from items made of at-risk materials like brass, aluminum, chrome, marble, and porcelain. We also salvage smoke-stained upholstered furniture, draperies, clothing, fabric, and other materials.

No matter where you are located, SRM is sure to have a location near to you. With regional headquarter offices in Chicago, Kansas City, Denver and Indianapolis along with ServiceMaster Response Centers in all 50 States, we provide fire restoration, smoke damage restoration, and odor removal all across the nation.

You can feel confident that our highly-trained and experienced professionals will use the most advanced equipment and technology to restore your business so you can return to your normal daily routine as soon as possible. When you need smoke and odor removal anywhere across the country, contact ServiceMaster Recovery Management.

Some of the most common causes for fire damage include; breakroom fires, general business or commercial fires caused by electrical failures or other causes, natural fires caused by wildfires or weather (lightning), or systems malfunctions such as HVAC. Each of these incidents requires specific methods and procedures to effectively restore your business or commercial property to pre-loss condition and get you back-in-business as quickly as possible. 


ServiceMaster Recovery Management (SRM) has highly specialized equipment to effectively restore the commercial building and items within the facility such as equipment or machinery which require restoration. SRM has extensive experience with nearly any type of equipment fire restoration such as medical equipment restoration and repair, manufacturing equipment restoration and even distribution center system restoration and repair for items such as conveyer systems and forklifts. 


If your business or commercial facility is damaged by a fire, it is important your restoration provider understands the various types of fire and how to properly restore your facility depending on the fire type. 

There are four main fire types:

Protein Fire
Food from an oven, stove, toaster or toaster oven such as those located in some breakrooms has burned, leaving strong burnt food odors and smoke residue on contents and surfaces.

Complex Fire
Multiple natural and synthetic items inside your commercial facility have burned causing black smoke residue on contents and surfaces and synthetic smoke odors. Here, emergency corrosion mitigation is needed to protect at-risk surfaces.

Natural Fire
Trees, shrubs and bushes have burned and smoke has penetrated the structure from outside, so smoke residue and odor are present. This is the common occurrence when commercial buildings are damaged by wildfires. 

Furnace Malfunction
Heating appliances such as oil-fired furnaces have malfunctioned and caused smoke to be distributed throughout the building. 

If your commercial building was damaged by fire directly or possibly the fire was contained yet there was smoke and soot produced, the results can be far spread. Soot and smoke can travel through ventilation systems effecting far-reaching areas of your facility. It is important to hire a restoration provider who understands how to recognize smoke damage and properly restore your building, equipment and contents. 


One question we often receive is; what is the difference between smoke and soot? 


Smoke: The solid, liquid and gaseous products of combustion released into the air.

Soot: Fine, black particles composed primarily of carbon, produced by the incomplete combustion of fuel.


Fire Damage Restoration

Even though the cause and type of a fire can affect how the fire damages your facility, there are some fundamental aspects every commercial fire damage may include. One of the most critical aspects is evaluating and stabilizing your facility against any structural damage the fire may have caused. Fire can completely destroy or compromise the supporting structure of your facility weakening the integrity and safety of the building. It is important to work with a commercial disaster restoration company that understands the potential danger involved and will work with you and a structural engineer if needed to properly evaluate your facility. Building stabilization may be performed to ensure the safety of the facility. 


Another aspect that may occur during any type of fire is extensive charring to surfaces which require replacement. Once a surface is compromised beyond restoration it is important to quickly, yet properly remove the material. This process requires highly trained technicians who understand how the material may have been compromised and the necessary steps for effectively protecting portions that can be restored and thereby are not being removed. 


Lastly, and this aspect is nearly always overlooked by other restoration providers, is the impact and damage the fire has caused to your business operations. A small breakroom or warehouse fire that was contained may seem minor on the surface, however if the operation of your business is disrupted it is crucial to develop a plan that gets you back in business quickly. SRM works directly with our clients to analyze the business impact, evaluate alternative solutions and implement the plan to return businesses to full operation. Whether this means setting up a temporary dining room at a senior living community so residents can have a place for meals, bringing in temporary storage to allow a warehouse to continue operating or even moving patients and equipment from one floor of a hospital to another floor, SRM has possibly the most important restoration expertise available; successful project management and exceptional client service.  


Response Time is Crucial

As with any property damage, response time and acting immediately is crucial to limiting the damage. While it may not be as apparent as water damage, fire will continue to damage your property even after it is extinguished. This is primarily due to the corrosive characteristics of soot and smoke. The soot and smoke will continue to discolor surfaces, deteriorate protective coatings and compromise structural components. For these reasons it is absolutely imperative that your restoration provider is able to act immediately and get the resources needed on site quickly. Often times companies react quickly, but merely send an estimator to secure the job. You need a company that arrives ready to begin work and help minimize the damage to your commercial property. 


The ServiceMaster Recovery Management network is built to do exactly this, respond quickly with the appropriate amount of resources while also providing unparalleled resources and reach-back capabilities. What does this mean for you? It means SRM will arrive on site within 4 hours with the equipment and resources to start the job. It also means you do not have to pay to mobilize large loss resources for relatively minor losses. At the same time, SRM has more equipment and large loss capabilities than any other provider so in the rare instance your facility receives major damage you can rest assured SRM has the resources to fully restore your property. SRM is uniquely positioned to help you with all of your losses, no matter the size or frequency. From the more common, smaller losses facilities often encounter to the once-in-a-lifetime catastrophe, you have one number to call.